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“Academic researchers aren’t the only ones looking for ways to harness smartphone data for better health.Mindstrong, a startup in Palo Alto, California, is testing an app that collects location, activity, and social interaction data as well as keyboard use and even word choice.Loud or rapid speech can be indicative of mania, while long pauses between utterances can suggest depression.The Michigan researchers hope the app will eventually be able to predict mood swings and then notify the user and his/her doctors that an episode may be imminent.” I think this really highlights the need for Patients and their Carers to be in much more control of data as the reality is speech monitoring tech like this is not yet being used for medical value but is already being used at scale by others eg.Aren’t we all now aware that we’re probably being more honest with our mobiles than even ourselves?As a side note I don’t blame medics for holding their traditional views (even in the world’s best medical schools the students of tomorrow still aren’t getting proper training to use these incredibly powerful always carried supercomputers) but find it’s an eye opener when they get to appreciate the spyware that is already loaded on millions of smartphones: to detect mood swings.

It’s interesting to compare GOSH’s in house development approach to that of The Royal Free (a neighbouring NHS Hospital) who traded (without consent) the electronic healthcare records of millions of Patients with Google (the world’s biggest seller of personal information) in exchange for a free app for renal monitoring (March 2017). Samsung’s smart scroll app has probably scanned more than 100 million retinas, the photos app on every i Phone knows exactly how many selfies users are taking but few Doctors ever discover this information, etc.Glam it up with some digital face painting while you are on a video call.When you choose to use one of our growing collection of live action masks on a video call, your face on screen is transformed with whatever theme you’ve picked.When the app spots a potential relapse, a member of the company’s chat support team steps in to offer advice or alert the individual’s real-world care team” I think it’s interesting to note that already with all your location data a lot of mobile apps already know more than the Trigger Health app will ever know eg.they know when you’re visiting a pharmacy or a neighbourhood where drugs are being traded. For all the promise of smartphone health data, there’s scant evidence proving its effectiveness in the real world. “People may be surprised to find that personal data entered into a mental health app is forever out of their control,” says Torous” I sense I might be in a growing minority but I’d much prefer the situation where information that I gave to an app that I wrongly entrusted is misused than information about me that I can never access in the first place is being traded by healthcare organsations that I pay for via taxation with data trading corporations I never even know about. Little says insufficiently tested services could wind up diagnosing people with problems they don’t have.

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