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Adult clip movie online pleasure sexual

Directed by: Alan Parker Written by: Alan Parker What it's about: Private investigator Harry Angel (Mickey Rourke) falls into the service of the mysterious Louis Cyphre (Robert De Niro), through which he uncovers a complex conspiracy and dangerous voodoo magic. Directed by: John Carpenter Written by: John Carpenter What it's about: Drifter John Nada (Roddy Piper) and construction worker Frank Armitage (Keith David) find out that authority figures and wealthy people are actually skull-faced aliens in disguise as humans.

What it'll make you afraid of: Having sex with a skull-faced alien in disguise as a human.

If they're all around you anyway, you're already fucked, but that doesn't mean you want to wind up in bed with one.

Directed by: Paul Verhoeven Written by: Joe Eszterhas What it's about: Detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) falls for seductive crime novelist Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone), the primary suspect in a murder case he's investigating.

Directed by: Roman Polanski Written by: Roman Polanski What it's about: Pregnant Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow) becomes convinced that there's something wrong with whatever's growing inside her, and it's all part of a conspiracy that includes her husband Guy (John Cassavetes).

What it'll make you afraid of: Being betrayed by your partner into carrying the demonic spawn of Satan.

If a guy at a bar uses your luscious locks as a conversation starter, he could be planning to literally nail your scalp to his favorite mannequin.

You should already be afraid of strangers, clearly.

What it'll make you afraid of: The inextricable link between sex and death.

Directed by: Steve Miner Written by: Ron Kurz and Phil Scuderi What it's about: Jason Voorhees stalks and disembowels the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake that he considers responsible for his drowning — and the death of his murderous mother Pamela (Betsy Palmer).

What it'll make you afraid of: Being impaled during sex. Beyond that, the entire Directed by: Joe Dante Written by: John Sayles and Terence H.

Again, when a gorgeous blonde is all over you, there's a good chance she has ulterior motives, like she's just using your seed to make alien babies.

Directed by: Martin Walz Written by: Ralf König, Martin Walz, and Mario Kramp What it's about: Detective Luigi Mackeroni (Udo Samel) is called to Hotel Quickie, where he teams up with gigolo Billy (Marc Richter) to investigate the gruesome castrations of male guests. Although if you don't use a condom, you should worry about pregnancy and any number of sexually transmitted infections, so you're pretty much fucked either way. follows private investigator Rafe Guttman (Dennis Miller) who is looking into a disappearance at a bordello run by mother of all vampires, Lilith (Angie Everhart). If you do decide to pay for sex — and no judgment at all, honest!

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Winkless What it's about: After a traumatic experience, Karen White (Dee Wallace) is sent to a resort called The Colony to recover.