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If you can’t qualify for a loan through a reputable lender, don’t head for a payday lender. For borrowers with good credit, a balance transfer credit card is an alternative to a debt consolidation loan.Such cards have an introductory 0% interest rate, which increases after a promotional period, usually no more than 21 months.Enter the debts you would like to combine in the fields below and receive a detailed analysis of your financial situation.As a provider of debt consolidation loans in Texas, we are able to work with you to determine the best way to consolidate and manage your debt.Some lenders say they have no minimum credit score requirements, but that does not mean they don’t check your credit report.Knowing your credit profile before you apply can help set expectations.

Debt consolidation won’t work if you have too much debt or haven’t fixed underlying spending issues.Please note: If you select Credit Card, Auto Loan, or Other but leave the interest rate blank, the calculator assumes a rate of 17.5 percent.Debt consolidation loans allow borrowers to roll multiple debts into a single new one with fixed monthly payments and, ideally, a lower interest rate. amortization schedule calculator but that sounds complicated and this is easy), you’ll be able to see exactly how much you can afford. Mortgage Calculator With the Embrace Mortgage Calculator (a.k.a.

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You can also use these financial management tools to set savings goals, prepare for buying a home and responsibly manage credit cards. For additional information about financial planning, or any of our products and services, please contact us.