Dating daisy bb pistols

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Dating daisy bb pistols

One of the first mass-produced American-made air rifles was the "Chicago", a wood-and-steel gun that was manufactured by the Markham Air Rifle Co. Introduced in 1885, it set the trend toward training guns which could be mass produced and sold at low prices.

These reject bearings were sometimes slightly oversized, and were prone to jam guns into which they were loaded.

This 650-shot carbine is the spittin' image of the one you cherished growing up and its legendary status continues to grow.

The Daisy story begins in Plymouth, Michigan, a town situated near Detroit, in the late 19th century.

Daisy also entered into a deal with cowboy stars Buzz Barton and Buck Jones, both of whom were featured on namesake rifles.

Prior to the Second World War, comic strip cowboy hero Red Ryder also was the subject of a Daisy namesake rifle.

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This popular gun, which sold for $5, was introduced during the First World War and contributed to Daisy's first half-million dollar sales year in 1916.