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Jack found jill dating website

The outbreak of World War I had little effect initially on Lindstrom's London business, other than they could not longer get German-recorded masters, but in the summer of 1916, the Board of Trade started taking action under the new "Trading with the Enemy" acts to reorganise the company and turn it iinto a wholly-owned British Company.With financial capital from the newly-created Columbia Graphophone Company, Carl Linstrom Ltd was "ousted" and it became The Hertford Record Company (owned by Columbia), though the personnel in the factory apparently remained the same, with Otto Ruhl on the management team.These would include not only Lindstrom's Beka, Coliseum & Scala records, but also Fonotipia's Jumbo and Odeon records, as Lindstrom had taken over the Fonitipia concern by this time.In the Spring of 1912, the 40000 London master numbers reached 41999 and the company started a new series at 35000, which continued in use until about 1919 by which time they had reached well into the 36000s.It was called The Mead Works, and was in Gas House Lane, Hertford and it opened in December 1912.By the time it was fully operational in March 1913, they report making 5000 records a day.The other Barberphone records are paste-over labels on Grammavox and Popular records.This is a regional record company, but is difficult to date despite having this example here to hand. The company is/was based in Solihull, Warwickshire, but I don't know what "BBS" actually stands for.

There was a corresponding tiny gramophone to play them on, also called "The Babygram" which had a red lid with "Babygram" in white lettering on it.When The Gramophone Company bought Zonophone in June 1903, in order to eliminate some of the competition, Bumb & Konig decided to introduce their own record label and named it the Beka Record (pronounced "Bay-Kah", which is the German phonetic pronunciation of the company's initials). The following year, in September, Beka sent recording engineers to London to record matrices there.The exact location of the recording rooms are not known at present, but were believed to be in Islington, London.It is understood that the proprietor was a dealer by the name of Lloyd Thomas.Beka records were originally the product of Bumb & Konig, a German company who had been involved with the German side of International Zonophone.

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It was at this point that the Beka name on records was dropped due to its German associations, and the Jumbo records were renamed "Venus".

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