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Malayali dating

In my family, we have never discussed dating because at this age, my parents prefer that I concentrate on my grades instead of worrying about finding a guy.They feel that relationships at my age aren’t real and will just get in the way of academics and a successful, it is always a struggle to try and date openly. Going to Greek life formals and university formals and galas is a struggle in and of it's own. If there's anyone who will spread drama quicker than college Mallu girls, it's aunties. Maybe not as much in middle school or high school, but the rate at which the average college Malayalee lies to their parents is exponential.For those of you who have achieved the recognition from your respective parents and elders to date openly, good for you. Every move, every step, it's all recorded in their journals. At the library, getting coffee, in my dorm room, at a night class, and the list goes on.

At the end, though, I know that I will be happy with my choice and love is just going to be another great adventure!They find a person they like at school, at a party or even though friends.After a few weeks of euphoria, break ups and make ups, followed by heart break and a few months to heal, the pattern starts again.Here, when I go to school, I see couples at every corner but none of them are Indian.When I asked some of my Indian friends, I realized I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t allowed to date.

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For those of you, who learned to kept life on the DL and survive to live under your parent's roof, this is dedicated to you. Although they won't make a scene immediately, as soon as you get in the car, it begins. Alvin Panicker of Philadelphia, PA once said "The stricter the parents, the sneakier the kids".

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