Negreanu dating leatherman

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Clearly uncomfortable, with his hand hiding his face, Phil made a questionable call. It seems his desire to ‘get one over’ on Stern had signalled his downfall.A 10 bricked on the river, and Stern put Hellmuth all in for his remaining k. To make matters worse, Negreanu trotted over to host Amanda Leatherman (who he is reportedly dating), and correctly read both Stern and Hellmuth’s hands.

Poker Stars Big Game, now about to enter week seven, is a refreshing alternative to other televised cash games such as GSN’s High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark.

Duke’s website Ultimate Bet is in direct competition with Poker Stars, and her brother Lederer co-owns further rival site Full Tilt Poker.

In other sections of the interview, Daniel discussed his rigorous training regime and decision to remain t-total throughout the 2010 WSOP.

Lex added it was quite ironic that Duke asked Poker Stars to assume responsibility, when Ultimate Bet has attempted to keep its super-user scandal under wraps.

The animosity between the two parties is understandable.

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The hand clearly put Hellmuth on tilt, as he frittered away a host of smaller pots.

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