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Confirmation that the six latest fatalities were due to Alabama Rot came after tests by Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists in Hampshire, where David Walker is regarded as the country’s leading expert on the disease.He said today: “Although we are working hard to find out the cause of Alabama Rot, it is currently still unknown, which makes the reappearance of the disease concerning.“It’s always desperately sad when we confirm new cases.

Both said they had checked on the baby the day before he died."The cause of death was a failure to provide critical care," the complaint states.

Vets4pets has produced an interactive map giving details of the 109 cases spread across 30 counties, but zooming in shows there are two main cluster areas around the New Forest and Greater Manchester.

To check the map and for more information on the disease, see: Finding the trigger of the disease has become a major veterinary imperative.

This procedure is supposed to lessen or stop periods. The doctor now says that I may have an infection in my uterus. Now I wonder if I should have just done a hysterectomy. After dealing with heavy 7 day periods my whole life I started having severe constipation about 6 years ago.

That would have removed the fibroids and definitely stopped the bleeding. Then about 4 years ago I felt a mass in my lower body.

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No kids and likely won't have any (dating life is awful too).