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There was no particular reason she was feeling restless, but she’d been single for about a year and her job working with cardiac patients in upstate New York could be intense.So when she learned that a Delaware hospital needed temporary nurses, she leapt at the chance to spend a summer by the beach.Right away she noticed Martinez’s height (he is more than 6 feet tall) and the way he carried himself, with a confidence she would come to associate with cops.Loiselle was hardly a meek person, but his presence made her feel safe.Martinez has said that Loiselle would belittle him and call him worthless.Loiselle’s friends, meanwhile, thought he was controlling.

Loiselle came up with some cover story, but when she got home, she said, his police car was parked in the driveway.She “needed to do what he wanted her to do,” Botti observed. ’” Loiselle was increasingly unnerved by how quickly Martinez could swing from sweet and loving to angry and sullen.“Otherwise he was going to escalate.” Another friend, Danielle Gilbert, said, “If Sarah was somewhere with me, he would have to know where she was, or if she didn’t tell him, he would find out, which I found really odd. On one occasion, she said, he held her down and dug his fingers into her neck to demonstrate pressure points.I was pregnant and felt like crap.” At one point, she said, Martinez gave her a self-help book for police wives.The message seemed pretty obvious to her: She needed to get in line, to be more supportive of her man.

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