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“Could I play the instrument once more before it is consigned to silence? Permission was granted, and the great virtuoso filled the room with such heart-moving music that the collector’s emotions were deeply stirred. Take it into the world, and let people hear it.” To sinners saved by grace, the gospel is like the rapturous harmonies of heaven. Jesus tells us to take it out into the world, and let it be heard. “This is for the heathen.” As a boy I looked up to missionaries as godly people who sailed to some far-off, uncivilized land and didn’t return for several years.

“I have no right to keep that to myself,” he exclaimed. Being a missionary was the ultimate calling—nothing could be more noble or admirable.

He met a friend and told him of his newfound faith in Christ.

Before the day was over, he had testified to every one of his fraternity brothers about Jesus.

Being a missionary is not an option—it’s what we are called to be.

I am a missionary, Lord, Wherever I may be; At home or in a distant land, I'll tell the world of Thee.

Later, having raised enough money to meet the asking price, he returned to the seller, hoping to purchase that beautiful instrument.

—Acts 1:8 In his book Love Is Now, Peter Gilquist mentioned that he and several other friends were invited to speak to a group of UCLA students.

After the meeting, a young man expressed a desire to discuss the matter of salvation.

To see Jesus ascend to heaven was amazing, but what happened next was also remarkable.

Instead of being downcast because He had gone away, the disciples responded with renewed purpose. They joyfully returned to Jerusalem, where they prayed (Acts -14).

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Our witness for Christ should reflect a grateful heart—a sincere desire to share salvation’s blessings with others.

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