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Wouter de backer dating sites

He names many of these teachers including Michael Martin, his first drum teacher, who inspired him greatly with a variety of drum styles and exploring new kinds of music he’d never heard before; Martin Mac Aulay, the head of music who inspired Wally in classroom music and as leader of the brass band as well as other teachers; Nathan Xenopontas, Mr Callaghan and Paul Ryan.Wally makes special mention of Martin Mac Aulay’s irreverence, humour, and fantastic energy for exploring the potential for music to communicate a wide range of emotions.We played this really beautiful church in front of 200 people. I mean, I was worried that playing in a church it would become too loud, too resonant in that space…but it sounded fantastic and it was a really nice night. ”I ask about Wally’s move to Australia from Belgium as child with his parents, and given that he’s still very popular in the Low Countries does he still have a connection to the country of his birth? All my extended family are still there, so there’s a strong connection.Grammy award winning Wally De Backer (‘Gotye’) also recounts a highly positive experience with music at school.Wally didn’t have any music education that he can remember during primary school days, but his secondary school gave him a lot of great opportunities to pursue and learn about music.

With the success of single ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ he became the artist with the longest stay at number one since the former’s horribly ubiquitous ‘Truly Madly Deeply’, and when fourth album became the first band since the latter, in 2007, to have a number one single and album simultaneously.

He has also previously credited Bonfa's tune for providing the blueprint for his breakout hit single, saying the riff sparked the first few lines of lyrics.

It's understood Kimbra, too, gets a percentage of royalties.

I went back every year ’til I was 18 years old, and four or five times since then .

I feel I’d like to experience a bit more of Belgium, spend a little time to get to know the feel of a few different cities.

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He was born in Bruges, Belgium and in 1980, emigrated to Australia with his family when he was two years old.